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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

We will relieve you of any concerns about calculation of salaries

  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of the administrative burden
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Risk diversification

Payroll outsourcing means complete payroll administration at affordable prices, from processing of actual salaries, to representation during meetings with government institutions. Payroll processing is performed by payroll specialists on a monthly basis.

What do we offer within the terms of payroll outsourcing?

Salary records and administration of salary data
We administer and keep records of basic salary data for employees, we enter additional variable data into the system, we keep records of notified absences and other records necessary for calculating salaries, and we prepare salary documents for employees according to local legislation.

Salary calculation and processing
We balance and calculate salaries. We execute statutory annual, quarterly and monthly salary outputs. 

Services related to salary processing
We process outputs for the purpose of the accounts. We generate and distribute pay slips in electronic PDF format, secured by password. We provide salary outputs and statements in compliance with local legislation.

Communication with third parties
We create outputs for execution of statutory payments. We assure and file obligatory reports on your behalf with statutory bodies, to which we also provide feedback about their queries. We also communicate with third parties, such as pension funds or life insurance companies, in the private sphere.

Consultation and advisory services
We communicate with customers on the topic of payroll issues by means of our own ESP portal solution, or we use other arranged interfaces to provide support. We provide assistance in relation to external audits and inspections by local authorities and provide basic information about salary legislation.

The advantages of working with us

Current legislation
We constantly monitor changes to legislation and project these into our system.

Technological know-how
We are capable of interconnecting our system with other types of software. We also work with suppliers of attendance systems.

We have been calculating salaries for our customers since 2000. Subsequently, we have also begun processing salaries in other Central and Eastern European countries.

You have the option of on-line access to personnel administration and on-line monitoring of data processing.

Is the payroll accountant ill, on holiday or has given notice? That’s our problem. Your payday deadline will remain the same.

Networks of branches
Thanks to collaboration with Czech and European branches, we are capable of calculating salaries for employees under various tax jurisdictions.

Are you interested in our services? Do not hesitate to contact us at